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Welcome to Finiquip Expertise


Since 1993, the primary mission of Finiquip Expertise has been to be recognized as an industry leader as the best supplier of industrial spay paint equipment and accessories. The Dynamism, expertise and know-how of our team will exceed your expectations. Personalized after-sales service and innovative solutions are the mantra of our team.

Finiquip Expertise est distributeur autorisé des équipements de peinture Sames. We have an expertise in liquid and powder coating paint equipment formed over 25 years forged by constant field presence and a solide avec Sames.

Air filtration and paint cabins
Finiquip complements our area of expertise with air filtration and paint cabins.
Longtime partner-distributors of Hardy Filtration and Laflamme Air Libre, our team brings exactitude and qualité to meet your needs in filtration and paint cabins.

Our mission
Beyond the quality of our products and our expertise, we are recognized by our presence at our clientele.
Our rapid response to urgencies and our creative capacity to solve problems correctly distinguishes us from other service centres.

En relation étroite avec nos voisins du sud de chez Sames, toute l’équipe de Finiquip Expertise est formée et constamment à l’affût de nouvelles technologies et astuces dans le but de satisfaire les besoins techniques de la clientèle.