Registration for the bank transfer

    Name of our company :
    Finiquip Expertise inc.

    Address :
    325, J-Aurèle Roux, Suite 5
    Victoriaville, Québec
, G6T 0N6

    Name of the resource person : Annie Lavoie
    Phone number : 819-364-7848

    Email address for sending payment confirmation:

    Name of our banking institution :
    Caisse Desjardins de l’Érable

    Branch address :
    1658, rue St-Calixte. C.P. 187
    Plessisville, Québec
G6L 2Y7

    Bank number : 815
    Transit number : 20105
    Account number : 6511638

Interac transfers

Sent to the email address:

Send your answer to the question to this email as well or call 819-364-7848.